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Positioned east to Great Britain and northwest of continental Europe, Ireland is an island politically divided into two parts: the sovereign Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom.

The "Emerald Isle" earns its name from its lush green landscape and mild, changing climate. From coastal mountains, to inner plains, to rocky shores, Ireland's rich landscape can only be described as picturesque. Ireland's separation from continental Europe at the end of the last ice age left it with fewer species of flora and fauna than other European countries, but it takes pride in its endemic species found only in Ireland. Temperate and coniferous forests are home to many species of deer, rabbits, and hedgehogs, and the country sees almost 400 species of migratory birds every winter.

The state is a republic, with a parliamentary system of government. The President of Ireland, who serves as head of state, is elected for a seven-year term and can be re-elected only once. The president is largely a figurehead but can still carry out certain constitutional powers and functions, aided by the Council of State, an advisory body. Ireland joined the European Union in 1973 but has chosen to remain outside the Schengen Treaty.

Citizens of the UK can freely enter Ireland without a passport thanks to the Common Travel Area; however some form of identification is required at airports and seaports.Ireland has a rich cultural history dating back from the ice age to the Stone Age, to the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and so on. If history is not your area of interest, there are always sports. Hurling, and football remain the most popular sports among the Irish and fans take their championship games very seriously. Ireland is also home to several Nobel Prize winners for Literature, including William Butler Yeats. Irish poetry is still very popular and dates back to the 6th century. If you are up for an Irish jig, folk music and dance are a widely spread tradition around the island. From the classical pieces, to modern pop and heavy metal, Ireland produces and exports a wide range of music. From castles, to abbeys, to cliffs overlooking the Celtic sea, to rowdy rugby fans and musicians of all sorts, Ireland offers the best of all worlds and will be an experience not soon forgotten.

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Quick Facts

Population: 4,722,028
Capital: Dublin
Per-capita GDP: $ 40100
Size: 70,273 km2
Time Zone: (GMT) Dublin

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Travel Warning: YES
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