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Getting Started

Study Abroad Advisor Erika Clement is currently taking remote appointments for students considering Spring 2021, Fall 2021, and Summer 2021.

Book an appointment at:

Appointments are held over Skype, Zoom, or video Google Hangouts

For the Fall semester of Fall 2020, we anticipate moving all of our advising online through Zoom. We will be hiring new peer advisors over the summer and will announce new hours at the beginning of the semester.

Get Started

Step 1: Research

  • Learn about what programs and resources are available. Browse the program search, attend the study abroad fairs, and check out the UMaine Study Abroad Instagram (@umainestudyabroad). 

  • Also check out the FAQ page and the Understand Study Abroad page for more information.

  • Ask Yourself

    • What countries are you drawn to?

    • What countries are available to travel to?

    • What have others experienced there?

    • What are the expenses?

    • What do you want out of the study abroad experience?

Step 2: Academic Advice

  • Let your advisor know that you are interested in studying abroad. 

  • Ask your advisor to go over what your curriculum might look like for the next year or two. 

  • See if your advisor can help you find the easiest semester(s) to go abroad and what course you will need to take while abroad. 

  • Ask Your Advisor

    • What do you need to take at UMaine?

    • What courses are the easiest to get equivalents for?

    • Should you use your study abroad experience to take care of your gen eds or electives?

Step 3: Set Yourself Up

  • Meet with a Peer Advisor to figure out the best options for you.

  • Create an account in Abroad Office. 

  • Take advantage of scholarship opportunities.

  • Peer Advisors have been in the same position as you, so make sure you ask for opinions and advice.

  • Ask the Peer Advisor

    • How do you find courses abroad?

    • What scholarships can you apply for?

    • What was the Peer Advisors experience while abroad?

    • What advice did the Peer Advisor get from other students?

Step 4: Get the Details

  • Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor, Erika Clement, to go over important details about your top choice programs and figure out if they are the right fit for your needs.

  • Go over finances, funding, coursework, and location with the Study Abroad Advisor. 

  • Learn how to discuss your plans with your parents or guardians. 

  • Learn how to apply for your chosen program. 

  • Ask the Study Abroad Advisor

    • How can you get the most out of the study abroad experience?

    • What locations are most cost effective?

    • How much time do you have to apply to programs?

    • What programs does the Study Abroad Advisor suggest?

    • What scholarships should you apply for?


Application Deadlines

Please note that UMaine has a rolling admissions policy. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible as some programs, particularly direct exchange programs, fill prior to the deadlines:

October 15th - for all Spring Programs

February 21st - for Summer, Fall and Academic Year Direct Exchange Programs

March 20th - for Summer, Fall and Academic Year Recommended Programs

If you are applying to one of UMaine's approved programs, you will need to fill out the UMaine Study Abroad Application and apply to the program provider.

University of Maine Office of International Programs