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Getting Started
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Getting Started

Step 1. Do a bit of research

Before you select a study abroad program, it's important to understand the types of programs, funding, and available locations. Read “Understand Study Abroad” and “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) in the left-hand menu to get a better understanding of what's available.

Step 2. Get the latest updates

Subscribe to our social media channels! Check out Facebook (UMaine Study Abroad), Twitterand Instagram to see pics and experiences from your classmates abroad, get updates and useful info, and participate in contests for prizes!

Step 3: Get advice

Our Peer Advisors are available to answer your questions. Drop-in advising without an appointment is available:

Peer Advisor hours will be updated soon!

You can also connect with a Mentor who has studied abroad in the same location or through the same program. Peer Advisors will work with you to create an account with UMaine AbroadOffice if you have not already made one.

Step 4. See what's out there

Create an account with AbroadOffice (if you're reading this now, you're there already). If you have not already created one with a Peer Advisor, create one now through the left-hand menu where it says "Create Account". 

We offer a large number of programs that can be found using the program search. Trying the advanced search is great if you have specific needs. Feel free to come in to the office, meet with our Peer Advisors, and go through the search with them - they can help you narrow down your options. 

Step 5. Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor

You must meet with the study abroad advisor before you apply to go abroad. Your peer advisor will provide guidance on how and when to book an appointment. 

Step 6. Finances & Scholarships

Compare programs’ costs. Make sure you have available funding to pay for your program. Most UMaine financial aid applies to all approved study abroad programs. Do your research and check out our "Finances and Financial Aid" and "Scholarships" tabs on the left-hand menu.

Step 7. Apply

Find the program you wish to participate in and apply!

Application Deadlines

Please note that UMaine has a rolling admissions policy. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible as some programs, particularly direct exchange programs, fill prior to the deadlines:

October 15 – for all Spring Programs

March TBA – for Summer, Fall and Academic Year Direct Exchange Programs

March TBA - for Summer, Fall and Academic Year Recommended Programs

If you are applying to one of UMaine's approved programs, you will need to fill out the UMaine Study Abroad Application and apply to the program provider.

University of Maine Office of International Programs