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Finances and Financial Aid


Not sure you can afford to study abroad? Here are some tips to help you think about funding:

·   Many study abroad programs are the same cost as a semester at UMaine!

·   Some countries are way more affordable than others. Get off the beaten path and consider countries like Bulgaria, Thailand, South Korea, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, etc.

·  There are many scholarships! Apply for all UMaine, state, national, and other scholarships available to you. They do have deadlines, so start the study abroad process early to give your budget a boost.

·  Talk to your closest allies – your friends and family – about helping you fund your study abroad experience. Create a “study abroad savings account” and ask them to contribute some money for your birthday and major holidays.

·  Start your own crowdfunding campaign and let your friends, family, and community know. If it helps you pay for your visa or flight, it’s worth it!

·  Consider your current spending. That weekly Friday night pizza will add up to be as much as a fun weekend trip. Maybe take that pizza money and put it in a jar (or a savings account) for study abroad.

Financial Aid

We encourage you to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss your aid and study abroad plans regardless of your financial situation.  Visit the Office of Financial Aid in Wingate Hall, or go to for their contact information and hours.

·  UMaine financial aid funds can be used for any study abroad program approved by the Office of International Programs.

·  You must be full-time before and during your study abroad program (the local equivalent of at least 15 UMaine credit hours per semester).

·  Complete your FAFSA application for the academic year as usual and based on UMaine costs. Do not include any information about your study abroad program on your FAFSA application. Once your FAFSA is approved and financial aid awarded, UMaine will internally approve the release of your financial aid for your specific study abroad program.

·  The Office of Financial Aid can increase your loan eligibility to accommodate the higher cost for the semester. You’ll need to provide an official complete program budget including travel costs/estimates to your Financial Aid Advisor in order to complete the International Study Away Registration form.

·  All required study abroad pre-departure forms must be completed in order for financial aid to be released.

·   Airfare, visas, and housing deposits usually must be paid before UMaine financial aid is disbursed for the abroad program. Make sure you have planned to cover these costs! Also be aware of how you’ll be paying for the overall cost of the program and any additional travel plans you may have while abroad.

·  Students may also be able to apply for an alternative loan through the Office of Financial Aid, such as Direct Parent PLUS Loan and Alternative Student Loans. Once you apply for these loans, it may take up to four weeks before funds are received by UMaine and disbursed to you. The earliest they will disburse is the week before UMaine classes begin.

·  Study abroad students cannot utilize their Federal Work Study award while overseas, but it may be converted to loans you can apply for.

·  Financial aid funds are released the week before classes start at UMaine regardless of the start date of the study abroad program.

·  Summer Financial Aid is applied for and awarded separately than the regular academic year aid. The process begins after spring break and aid is disbursed at the beginning of the summer term.

·  Financial Aid is disbursed through direct deposit (different than direct deposit through the Payroll Office for working on campus).

·  Inform the Office of Financial Aid about any study abroad scholarships you are awarded.

 Type of Financial Aid 

 Applicable to Study Abroad? 

 Contact for More Information

Pell Grant

 All Approved Programs

Office of Financial Aid 
Federal Supplemental Grant

 All Approved Programs  

 Office of Financial Aid 
Federal Direct Stafford Loan

 All Approved Programs

Office of Financial Aid  
Federal Perkins Loan

All Approved Programs
Office of Financial Aid 
Federal ParentPLUS Loan

All Approved Programs
Office of Financial Aid 
State of Maine Grant

All Approved Programs

Office of Financial Aid  
University of Maine Grant

All Approved Programs
Office of Financial Aid 
UMaine Presidential Scholarship

 All Approved Programs
UMaine Flagship Scholarship

All Approved Programs

 UMaine Black Bear Scholarship

 All Approved Programs
Transfer Merit Award

All Approved Programs

 Department/College Scholarship

All Approved Programs 
Office of Financial Aid

 External Scholarship


Office of Financial Aid 

 Federal Work Study Funds

Office of Financial Aid

 International Student Scholarship

Applies to direct exchange only
Office of International Programs
Employee Dependent Tuition Benefit

Applies to direct exchange only
Office of Financial Aid

 Native American Waiver

Applies to direct exchange only
Wabanaki Center
Veteran Tuition Scholarship

Applies to direct exchange only
UMaine VETS Office

Veterans Dependent Education Benefit 

All Approved Programs
Office of Financial Aid

University of Maine Office of International Programs