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Eligibility and Study Abroad Policy

Eligibility Requirements

  • be enrolled at UMaine full-time the semester prior to studying abroad
  • have completed two semesters of college by the start of the study abroad program
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA 
  • good academic and disciplinary standing

Study Abroad Policies

  • UMaine students can study abroad only through study abroad programs approved by the Office of International Programs (OIP). Approved programs will appear in the program search. Students who wish to participate in a program not listed on the approved list of UMaine study abroad programs must submit a letter of appeal and petition to the Study Abroad Advisor and Director of the OIP. The OIP Director may grant permission to a UMaine student to participate in a previously un-approved program based on the program’s administrative, health, safety procedures and services, but it is necessary for the student to provide as much relevant information about the program as can be found in their petition.
  • Study abroad programs in countries where Travel Warnings have been issued by the U.S Department of State are NOT approved.
  • Students can study abroad at most one full academic year (two semesters). Some exceptions may be made with a petition process. Students can do multiple summer programs.
  • Extension of a study abroad program will be granted based on academic and disciplinary performance at the host institution.
  • OIP reserves the right to rescind approval of participation in a study abroad program if the student fails to maintain the required academic performance and/or disciplinary conduct before the start of the program.
University of Maine Office of International Programs