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LGBTQ+ Resources Abroad

Things to Think About When Going Abroad

Sexual Health and Safety

  • What are the HIV health and statistics in that country? Where can I get tested?

  • Is there contraceptive use/accessibility?

  • Is sex education common in that country or not?

  • Is there hormone replacement therapy for trans students? 

  • Healthcare statistics of students being sick? (Ask OnCall for stats?)

Cultural Norms

  • What are the cultural attitudes towards sexual orientation and gender identity in that country?

  • What is the perception of the LGBTQ community in that country?

  • How do people approach conversations about  identity in that country?

  • Learn what vocabulary words are used to refer to LGBTQ people in your host country.

  • How “out” do you want to be?

  • What are the customs of dress in that country? 

  • What are signs that someone identifies as LGBTQ? Don’t assume you have intercultural gaydar!

  • What is considered typical male and female social behavior, customary gender relations, and social patterns in that country?

  • Understand the different coded language, how masc and fem play out, know that you might not fit into that. How comfortable will you be with that?

Your Program Provider and Host University/Country

  • Connect with your provider to find an LGBTQ alumni who can share their experience.

  • Refer to your contact with the provider for detailed questions about LGBTQ issues.

  • What LGBTQ events happen in your host country/university area?

  • Advisor-requested information from OnCall re: LGBTQ issues

  • Is the program able to provide special accommodations for students who request single rooms, private bathrooms, certain roommates?

Reflections for Yourself

  • How open will you be about your sexual orientation and gender identity with your peers, friends, host family, and others?

  • How important is it to you to ensure that you are being defined according to common American LGBTQ terminology?

  • How important is it for you to connect with other members of the LGBTQ community in that country?

  • How ready are you to meet other cultures where they’re at?

  • Will you need access to any medications, supplies, or services as an LGBTQ student?

  • What are your safety needs? Can they be met in that country?

Source: Meaningful Travel Tips and tales An Initiative to Make Travel More Inclusive LGBTQ traveler’s perspectives from

Approved Provider Resources

Not every provider has clearly designated guides for LGBTQ+ students. The Office of International Programs encourages you to contact the provider directly with questions regarding their support services. The UMaine Study Abroad Advisor is also ready to help you determine if a certain country or provider is right for you. 

Direct Exchange University Resources


  • Deakin University 

    • “Deakin is committed to making everyone feel welcome.”

    • Deakin LGBTIQ+ Allies

      • A network of over 20 staff and students who are trained supporters and advocates for the LGBTIQ+ community at Deakin.

      • Runs training sessions for staff and students 

    • Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers (HDCOs)

      • Staff trained to assist Deakin students on discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying

    • Deakin Counseling and Psychological Support



  • University of East Anglia

    • “UEA is proud to be an LGBT+ friendly university with a warm and welcoming atmosphere no matter how you identify.”

    • UEA Pride Society Committee

    • Provides welfare and support to LGBT+ students

    • Won the LGBT+ Society of the year award in 2015

    • City of Norwich hosts the Norwich Pride festival each year celebrating the LGBT+ community




  • University of Aberdeen

    • The university is fully committed to equality for all of its staff and students. The University has an LGBT+ Staff Network Group, open to both LGBT+ staff, LGBT+ Postgraduate Students, and those with an interest in LGBT issues.



  • Bangor University 

    • Bangor is committed to supporting their students to ensure a happy and healthy environment

    • They also have an LGBT+ committee, learn about it on their website and on their Facebook page.

University of Maine Office of International Programs